“Melting Flux” building series pt.1

Our good friend , keen cyclist and very talented photographer Tong Liu ,
visited EQUILIBRIUM workshop to capture the birth moment of his new EQ frame .
During the all process he was almost invisible – moved so flawlessly that I forgot
him being around , just after seeing the pictures I realized actually he was everywhere
and revealed some magical moments I never been aware of .

This occasion is a good chance to reveal some features of my frame building process .

First thing to mention I’m using only silver alloy for brazing all my frames , because of it’s low melting temperature that enable me to use lightest tubing on the market without degrading it after the brazing , prolonging the frame’s life span , there are almost no heat distortion and alignment issues as well .


To get the best results possible I do braze out of the jig and do some subassemblies before I lock the tubes in a front triangle . The idea is to reduce the brazing stress by allowing the tubes to move freely , it takes more time and effort but gives exceptional results .

Laser cut stainless badge – two “E”s with a same proportions united in one piece , in my mind depicts the meaning of “EQUILIBRIUM” very well.

Reinforcement plate for internal disc brake cable routing , to keep things safe and clean .

Alignment check after each brazed joint – it helps to understand the brazing sequence and adjust it during the process , if lucky no cold setting needed .

Joining the ends of the silver rods .